Mawande Memela axed from Generations!

nambitha mpumlwana

Generations star Nambitha Mpumlwana has reportedly been fired from the popular SABC1 soap due to being too demanding.

Mpumlwana’s alleged insistence on “Hollywood treatment” and her becoming too much to handle has resulted in her contract not being renewed. Unnamed actors also confirmed that she’s difficult to work with.

This follows reports that surfaced early last year accusing Mpumlwana of being difficult to work with, showing up late for shoots and being a brag.

The actress’ Generations character, Mawande Memela, will reportedly disappear by being booked into a mental institution.

According to TVSA, she will still be seen on Generations until mid-August.

Mpumlwana, a prominent face on local screens, is best known for her role in Oscar-winning South African film Tsotsi as well as local TV shows The Lab and Shado’s.

She has also guest starred in 7de Laan and Isidingo and had a role in the film Safe House, opposite Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

71 Responses to Mawande Memela axed from Generations!

  1. caroline says:

    you people are not serious to chase mawande out of the generarions wat wil generations be without wandi. besides wat luntu did to her mom deserves to be punished is it not a lesson for the viewers to learn she jus cant go sco free

  2. Happy says:

    I think mfundi you need to give wandi a second chance, we the viewers loved wandi in such a way that the soapy it self feels like it’s real and happening.
    Mr vundla your soapy is the best and there are co-people who makes us to watch it everyday namely mawande,Sbuda the feud between senzo and luntu. I neva followed soapy so much but generation wow the best

  3. Sifiso Diniwe says:

    We need mawande ,am watching Generation because i like her, plz come back mawende.#SITHI MAKA buye#

  4. makaitaishe gwemende says:

    serious,plz gv her a second chance,hp she wl do better dis tym.she z an amazng actor,we want her 2chase noluntu 4rm yonayethu!

  5. monde says:

    Mfundi Mavundla you should end up this generation it boring now

  6. Thomas says:

    Generations without Wandi is boring and am not gonna watch it anymore , please give her another chance

    • vuyolwethu stofile says:

      dont lie you know it very well that she sucked.. i can asure you that it will be a thriller by the way if its boring stop watching it it will help you at the end..

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  8. Wam Makasi says:

    generations without wandi is way better…..this wandi chick is kinda weird and her acting styles
    she has alot of drama which pisses me off……

  9. vuyolwethu stofile says:

    thanks for going…generations was exciting before you and it will be after you… you werent memrable at all.. when i heard about you i was like “who is mawande”… you suck the only thing you did was drink tea.. its a good thing that they kicked you out… dont beg for second chances man and commenters stop acting like you liked her you know very well that she sucked man

  10. nkululeko says:

    mawande must come back plz

  11. Siphamandla says:

    If me Vundla u terminate the contract of these top star actors, u must also change the name of your soapie…dnt Eva call it generations…we want them bck or else you will loose me and others…..

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